Most important concerts

Below a list of the concerts that are connected with restorations and new buildings of instruments.

15.9.1980 Festival of Flanders, Brussels. A concert on the Berndt-restoration by J.V. Immerseel and the ensemble of the Kuycken-brothers.
23.3.1982 Museum Van Loon, Amsterdam. A concert on the Broadway-restoration by Joan Benson
12.11.1983 Large auditorium Concert Hall Amsterdam. A concert on the Simon-Schüler-von-Graf-restoration, by J.V.Immerseel with the baroque-ensemble of the Radio-Room-Orchestra conducted by Franz-Jozef Mayer.

Walloon Church Amsterdam; De Singels, Antwerp; the New Church, The Hague; O.O.C, Eindhoven; De Doelen, Rotterdam: two Erard-restorations played by J.V.Immerseel and Wyneke Jordans in performance of Rossinni's "Petite Messe Solennelle" with the Dutch Chamber Choir.

17.5.1984 Large auditorium Music Centre Vredenburg Utrecht; Gothic auditorium in The Hague: the Anton Walter-copy, played by J.V.Immerseel in concert with the Dutch Chamber Orchestra.
Music of J.F.C. Bach, Mozart and Van Maldere.
11.12.1984 English Church Amsterdam: the Anton Walter-copy, played by Rorerick Shaw as solist in concert with the Academy of The Begijnhof.
25.9.1985 Bank Establishment Metropool, Antwerp: two concerts on two Erard-restorations, by J.v.Immerseel.
11.01.1986 Walloon Church Amsterdam: two performances of Rossinni's "Petite Messe Solennelle"; this time recorded, again with Wyneke Jordans and J.V.Immerseel on the Erard-restorations, Leo Van Doeselaar on Harmonium and with the Dutch Chambre Choir and various foreign solists.
10.05.1986 English Church, Amsterdam: the Anton Walter-copy, played by Jacques Ogg in a Schubert-recital with the cello and arpeggione player Christian Norde.
Zomer 1986 El Escorial, Spain. Anton Walter-copy used by Jacques Ogg in a series of concerts and masterclasses, together with the violinist Alda Stuurop.
03.09.1987 Holland Festival Old Music Utrecht, Geertekerk. A Haydn-recital by J.V.Immerseel on the Anton Walter-copy.
Jan. 1988 Town Hall Middelburrg; Muiderslot; Music Centre Vredenburg; Concert Hall Amsterdam; Melvin Tan playes the Anton Walter-copy in a series of concerts of the Malvin Tan Piano-quartet.
23.02.1988 Museum of Antiquities, Leiden; New Church Den Haag: a Mozart-Haydn-recital on the Anton Walter by J.V. Immerseel.


As final concert on the International Organcontest a recital on the Anton Walter by J.V.Immserseel.
Zomer 1989 Antverpiano - congress for builders and players
Zomer 1991 Antverpiano - congress for builders and players
Zomer 1993 Antverpiano - congress for builders and players
1995 J.V. Immerseel and Claire Chevalier play Erard-restorations (recent restorations) in the Osterrieth-House in Antwerp.
22.06.1996 The recently finished Dulcken-harpsichord, ordered by the music school in Genk, was played by harpsichordist Christine Verhelst, at the opportunity of the festivities in the city of Aarschot (music from the composer Fiocco).
1996-1999 A lot of concerts on various Erard-restorations by Claire Chevalier and J.V. Immerseel. Large number of concerts on the Trödlin-restoration, piano solo and pieces with orchestra (Schubert and Beethoven), by Jos Van Immerseel.