Other Activities.

  • 1981 - Guest lecture at the Academy of Music, Antwerp " Keyboard actions of the harpsichord- the modern grand piano".
  • 1984 - Total inventory of all keyboard instruments of the Sweelinck-Academy of Music, Amsterdam, because of its move to another location.
  • 1984 - Master course by J.Van Immerseel, at that time artistic director of the Sweelinck Academy, about: Mozart in 1777. On this occasion the real Anton Walter-copy was used.
  • 1975-1988 - Research at museums and private collections in Bad Krozingen, Barcelone, Basel, Brussels, The Hague and Neurenberg
  • 1988 - Invitation for the "Rencontre des Facteurs des Pianoforte's" in Saint Calmiers, France
  • 1989 - Guest lecture at the Academy of Music, Pianoforte-congress Antverpiano in Antwerp, where he was invited to give a lecture, titled "the Cristofori-Silbermann connection" Invitation for the "14 Tage Alte Musik in Herne 1989", with the subtitle "Clavichord und Fortepiano-musik zwischen 1750 und 1800".
  • 1990 - Various workshops held in his own workshop, about keyboard techniques and historical "actions".
  • 1990-1995 - Research at museums in Munich, Leipzig and Halle.
  • 1985 - Conception of a Pianoforte Foundation. The aim was to give good builders the opportunity to make full use of their capacities, building instruments which would be financed by the Foundation.

The Foundation would get funds and would try to receive subsidies. The collection of the Foundation would consist of instruments from the most important style periods, and would be used to present the Foundation towards the players, as a sort of "general and technical" service. In this way the Foundation would be able to resolve one of the main problems of pianoforte players, namely the availability of indispensable good and artistic high-quality-copies, for studies, mastercours, recording and concerts.

A pianoforte player should have five different types of instruments at his disposal, if he wants to give a well-balanced interpretation of the repertory!