Harpsichords, spinets, pianofortes

Spinets and harpsichords:

12 Bentside spinets, Italian harpsichords, one copy of a two-manual Blanchet, a harpsichord after Moerman, one oafter Dulcken for the music academy in Genk, and a Ruckers-copy.
Two harpsichords after A. Delin: one for a harpsichordist in Vienna, and one for the Academy of Music in Leuven.


A copy of an Anton Walter (1795). The conversion of a Portuguese harpsichord into a Cristofori-pianoforte.

A copy of a Viennese pianoforte after Nanette Streicher (1804).

A copy of a Gottfried Silbermann pianoforte, made on his own initiative, because of the instrument's unique position in the history of music.

Several pianofortes after Jakob Pfister (1803).